The Trident Golf Hole Reducer

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    It fits inside the hole to make the golf hole smaller, without any damage to the green. Golf Pros know the benefits of putting to a smaller target as they practice and warm up. The Trident Golf Hole Reducer has the added benefit of allowing you to practice your aim and experience the successful sound of the ball dropping into the hole.

    The addition of the smaller inner ring make the hole even smaller, having the psychological effect of making a standard size hole seem much bigger than it actually is. This effect can be a very powerful confidence builder on those crucial putts. This training aid helps with aiming and speed control.

    The Trident Golf logo on the product can be placed at the point of entry of the hole and you would actually focus on a small target to develop amazing aiming and distance control abilities.

    Customer Reviews

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    Harry L.

    Fun to practice with this small hole! I developed better aiming with this hole reducer. Once on the course the hole looks huge!

    Robert S.
    Easy to use

    Very easy to set up on the putting green. I practice about 5 minutes on it before I go play and I love it. Once on the course I see the hole bigger and it boosts my confidence. I make more putts since using this Hole Reducer.