The Trident Putting Gate Plate

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This training aid will provide the player with specific feedbacks on their ability to hit their intended starting line, one of the most important skills required in putting.

The Putting Gate has 3 different width 'gate' settings that are easy to use with tees. If the ball starts outside of the starting line, then the ball will hit the tees l, providing great feedback.

The 3 gates offer the golfer the challenge of being able to start the ball with accuracy. The smaller gates are the most challenging with less room for errors.

Training with the Putting Gate will not only help to develop the skill of being able to hit your starting line, but also give the golfer clear feedback on any directional patterns there may be.

Being able to start the ball through the gate will give you precise feedback on your clubface angle at impact. The face angle accounts for approximately 90% of the balls starting line. If you hit the left gate the putter face is most likely closed at impact where as hitting the right gate the putter face is most likely open at impact.

Another benefit of the Putting Gate Plate is that it will also give you feedback on your putter face alignment set up.

When you set up the putting gate to your target, by aligning the center line on the device, you can square the putter to the right edge of the device which will give you visual feedback as to what the putter looks like when square to your ball to the target line.

Using this Putting Aid will develop your ability to start the ball on your intended line.

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Good feedbacks

This putting aid gives you good feedbacks on the putter face at address and also on your starting line. I am glad there are 3 levels for the gate because I have a hard time with the smallest gate. Easy to put in the golf bag.